Refurbished Systems

​Our refurbished systems have been put through rigorous tests to ensure they are stable when they leave the shop. Refurbished machines come with a 30-day warranty.


All refurbished machines come with a 30-day warranty from PC Medics. his warranty only includes repairs and part replacement. Most parts come with a manufacturer extended warranty which extends past our 30-day warranty, though most refurbished machine parts will be out of manufacture warranty. If, after 30-days, you experience hardware issues with your PC, we can check the warranty for you on the malfunctioning part, remove the part and send it back to the manufacturer for a new replacement if the part is still under warranty. Labor charges will apply after our 30-day warranty has expired. We provide limited phone support. Most of our refurbished machines run Windows 8.1, which is quite a jump from Windows XP. We cannot be held responsible if you experience a problem with a machine that is simply due to lack of knowing how the operating system works. There are many websites out there that give in-depth tutorials for every aspect of Windows 8.1. If at first you do not know how to use your new computer, please first consult Google, as your problem may very well be solved by a click of the mouse!

Our stock of refurbished systems changes frequently, so call us at 828-265-5941 for refurbished system availability and pricing!